Quattra is a upper right quadrant technology consulting and operational efficiencies group. We have a cutting edge approach utilizing and incorporating ITIL Lite (DEVops and TECHops) and traditional information technologies utilized by government agencies at the local, state and national level, as well as by private companies. Quattra has developed new methodologies, which enhance proven technology to achieve an enhanced ROI and TCO for our clients. By using a dedicated client TEAM approach, we assign a Team to each client and ensure that each the Team is engaged dedicated and isolated for that client.

Clients and their current staff understand what is needed for their end users, and we, using new and current technologies, help them achieve higher customer service ratings. A staff that has proven experience and expertise with that technology should implement new technology and approaches. At Quattra, we rigorously vet and train our staff, continuously upgrading our resources knowledge base, and thereby ensure that we have a staff of individuals that have passed rigorous training, testing and background checks.

With military style discipline, we have created a high-level and proven Managed Services and Solutions Provider (MSSP) platform for each market sector, with tightly aligned and tested solutions to meet the most demanding company’s goals in both short-term and long-term business strategies. We pride ourselves on keeping your data protected and safe. We go to great lengths, starting with recruitment and during continual reviews and training to surround ourselves with quality individuals that live to serve our clients. Our core beliefs are: INTEGRITY, DISCIPLINE, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, and DEDICATION TO EACH OTHER AND OUR CLIENTS.


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