About Quattra

Quattra is a upper right quadrant technology consulting and operational efficiencies group. We have a cutting edge approach utilizing and incorporating ITIL Lite (DEVops and TECHops) and traditional information technologies utilized by government agencies at the local, state and national level, as well as by private companies. Quattra has developed new methodologies, which enhance proven technology to achieve an enhanced ROI and TCO for our clients. By using a dedicated client TEAM approach, we assign a Team to each client and ensure that each the Team is engaged dedicated and isolated for that client.

Clients and their current staff understand what is needed for their end users, and we, using new and current technologies, help them achieve higher customer service ratings. A staff that has proven experience and expertise with that technology should implement new technology and approaches. At Quattra, we rigorously vet and train our staff, continuously upgrading our resources knowledge base, and thereby ensure that we have a staff of individuals that have passed rigorous training, testing and background checks.

With military style discipline, we have created a high-level and proven Managed Services and Solutions Provider (MSSP) platform for each market sector, with tightly aligned and tested solutions to meet the most demanding company’s goals in both short-term and long-term business strategies. We pride ourselves on keeping your data protected and safe. We go to great lengths, starting with recruitment and during continual reviews and training to surround ourselves with quality individuals that live to serve our clients. Our core beliefs are: INTEGRITY, DISCIPLINE, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, and DEDICATION TO EACH OTHER AND OUR CLIENTS.


Business Summary

Quattra offers proven top right quadrant solutions with established and seasoned professional and managed support services. We provide a reliable, high-quality extension to in-house resources for the Information Technology areas of: Enterprise, Medium and Small Business Solution, Market and Channel development on a national scale. Quattra fuses system development, application integration, infrastructure design, support and documentation around hybrid and pure cloud technologies in the environments operations into a lean, agile and continuous service stream. We leverage the latest adopted, proven, innovative technologies and expertise to create highly secure and compliant environments that will scale to your organization’s needs, and deliver a differentiated end user experience, with an increased capacity to manage risk and innovate.

Company Ownership

Quattra is structured as an S Corp and is located at 3006 River Road West, Goochland, Virginia 23063.


Quattra’s DevOps Delivery Framework sits on top of, and fuses, system development, application integration, cloud technologies and environment operations into a lean, agile and continuous service stream. Quattra’s DevOps and TechOps approach is a speeds up delivery, unlocks efficiencies, reduces costs, reduces time to customer feedback, minimizes disruption, and enables organizations to seize market opportunities.

Quattra has an innovative approach and professional services TEAM to assist in understand the path and plan that is proven.

Organizations consume Quattra’s services and technologies on demand and continuously to meet their ever evolving needs, including new builds and customizations, migrations, integrations, hybrid environments, and performance optimizations.


DevOps Delivery Approach:

Quattra’s DevOps Delivery Framework provides a continuous service delivery capability that provides organizations the tools, processes and expertise to reduce end user cycle times, speed up code release verifications and deployments, increase capacity for innovation, and seize market opportunities.

TechOps Delivery Approach:

Quattra’s TechOps Delivery Framework provides a continuous Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery using traditional and non-traditional approaches to break fix work. We blend our virtual staff and onsite staff to optimize ROI and TCO for the Client.

Cloud Open Architecture:

Cloud Open Architecture minimizes vendor lock-ins and provides the flexibility and variety of cloud technology and providers. Quattra supports your goals, whether it is a hybrid environment, independent environment that cloud enables your own data center or a 100% pure in the cloud environment.

Cloud Hybrid and Traditional Architecture:

Quattra plans, architects, deploys, supports and documents you current environment and creates a road map for your goals to utilize hybrid, or traditional approaches to information technology. We have built our reputation on helping clients understand you cannot manage what you do not have documented and planned. We help client deploy a more ITIL Lite approach to deploying applications to the end user.

Innovative Security & Compliance Solutions:

Quattra implements industry top rated and proven traditional, Hybrid and cloud-based cyber security environments with zero vector hardening that meet the most stringent compliance controls, including: FEDRAMP, NIST, PCI and HIPAA. Our solutions address mobility & multi-tenancy, identity & access management, data protection and incident response & assessment.

Consumption Based Computing:

As industry technology products and services have evolved to an operational utility model in the cloud (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS) so has Quattra’s innovative approach, long term market vision and professional services. Organizations consume Quattra’s services and technologies on demand and continuously to meet their ever evolving needs, including new builds and customizations, migrations, integrations, hybrid environments, and performance optimizations.

Leverage Industry Best Practices, Standards & Processes:

With over 100 combined certifications, our experienced team utilizes industry best practices and standards to ensure the entire life-cycle delivery process is managed to schedule, budget and expectations. This includes: ITIL, ITSM, Agile, SCRUM, PMP, ISO, HIPAA, PIPAA, SOX.

Industry Innovators & Senior Talent:

Quattra attracts and retains the best and most senior level technologists, engineers and thought and market leaders in order to deliver our customers the best ideas, services, and leadership. Quattra’s consumption model enables us to provide you with top TIER 1 thru TIER 4 solutions and delivery at an effective cost point that even the small business can afford.

Customer Focused Onboarding, Adoption & Management:

It’s not enough to deliver on time and on budget. Quattra approaches every client initiative with mission criticality and understands that your investments for delivery and sustainment depend on adoption, technical & business leadership, and onboarding processes. Our proven TechOps, DevOps and Consulting and operational management processes minimize risk so that you achieve the full potential of your investment.

Unparalleled Enterprise Portal Provider:

Quattra has over 9 years of experience working with the Liferay Enterprise Portal. Quattra’s capabilities include: From full cycle development (planning, architecting, designing, implementing, and supporting), performance management, go live support, problem analysis, JVM tuning including garbage collection, and advanced monitoring for proactive issue resolution before “issues” become “problems”. Quattra’s portal solutions team can assist you with any of your portal issues, large and small.


Enterprise portals shine in multiple business areas. When a customized browsing experience is needed, a portal is the best option available. Leveraging the Liferay Enterprise Portal, Quattra can provide a service for single sign on, data federation, search, social capabilities like blogs and message boards and wikis, complete web content management, document management, and much more. Portals are perfect for bringing legacy applications into the web as well, using portals and web services to bring all your data to your customers. With a mobile first strategy, a portal is the perfect answer to your business website needs for phones, tablets, and computers. As part of your business, a portal will allow you to get content out to your users quickly and easily because you don’t need a programmer to develop your content. With just a few clicks, new content is available right away!

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