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Strategy Services allow businesses to stay ahead of the curve, and make the most out of their enterprise vision and technology direction. We will assess your degree of readiness, identify key success factors and work closely with you to define your enterprise architecture roadmap and blueprints for the future.


”transforming the business through architecture”

Quattra Inc. strategic technology advisors and enterprise architects possess a spectrum of skills to navigate your organization through a safe passage in transition to service-oriented architecture (SOA). The ultimate goal is to automate business processes to become highly efficient through the design and implementation of reusable building blocks, or service components deployed on a common infrastructure layer and available on demand.


As organizations progress through the process of service-based transition, their IT delivery and operations departments advance towards a flexible architectural model comprised of discrete software components (services) that have simple, well defined interfaces and are orchestrated through a loose coupling to perform the required business function. Services communicate with each other by sending messages over the network, rather than using more traditional mechanisms such as remote procedure calls.

In transition to service-based paradigm, companies gain business agility and flexibility, among other benefits. We will provide strategic guidance on how to manage your SOA environment through architectural governance to maintain your delivery lifecycle efficiency and operational quality of service.

Service-oriented transformation offerings from Quattra Inc. consulting include:

  • Service provider and consumer classification
  • Enterprise middleware, messaging and transaction system optimization
  • Enterprise service bus, portal and business process management service alignment
  • Corporate governance to maintain operational agility and thrive in a global marketplace
  • Enterprise web services security guidance
  • Cloud services single sign-on and entitlements

“cost-effective blueprint for regulatory compliance”

Corporate and regulatory compliance planning and delivery is a huge concern for many industry-leading corporations around the world. Businesses are striving to demonstrate compliance with PCI, SOX, PII, ISO/IEC, FEDRamp and other standards at minimal cost, to allow them align with government regulations, protect brand reputation and preserve private data.


Quite often, compliance turns into a burden of expensive and lengthy process of massive data classification, adherence uncertainty and scope creep. This is precisely where Quattra comes to rescue with its technology innovation in data security and compliance scope reduction, combined with strategic consulting services to help businesses fast-track their compliance delivery.

Our experienced compliance strategy advisors are well positioned to show the value on day one, based on the unique combination of technical and regulatory background. Cloud infrastructure design, system engineering, industry integration and information security architecture are only a subset of skills that we will bring to the table when it comes to advising you on the matters of secure data acquisition and retention.

The biggest business benefits reported by our clients are increased information safety, service availability improvements and huge cost savings in compliance delivery.

Quattra Inc. strategic advisory services for regulatory compliance include:

  • Regulatory compliance scope assessment
  • Compliance delivery blue-print, including technology direction and cost estimate
  • End-to-end compliance strategy to address voice, data, retail and mobile channels
  • Secure payment industry integration guidance
  • Healthcare information privacy blue-print
  • Corporate accountability audit planning
  • Information security audit strategy

“designing secure on-premise + hosted cloud mix”

Cloud computing has changed the face of IT industry in the last decade by optimizing service delivery over the network. A number of public and private cloud designs have emerged, including a hybrid model where network, compute and storage resources are managed across multiple security domains.


Quattra Inc. comes with a proven track record of an expert in hybrid cloud engineering, with its extensive background in virtualized data center design, secure multi-tenant infrastructure modeling, and out-of-the-box regulatory compliance solutions. Virtualization best practices built into Quattra’s cloud architecture allow businesses to combine the benefits of on-premise and hosted services in a uniform and secure manner. This promotes a clean separation of concerns around virtual cloud infrastructure compartments and delivers operational service mobility and location neutrality.

We will help to transform your IT infrastructure to a service-driven model, where packaged applications are delivered to users on demand, following efficient business processes. Extraordinary security precautions embedded into Quattra’s Cloud Framework form the foundation of high availability, low-risk operation, and drastically reduce the probability of sensitive information exposure to unauthorized parties or data loss.

Quattra Inc. delivers a spectrum of strategic cloud engineering services, including:

  • Converged services hosting in the cloud
  • Any-device end-user computing strategy, planning, architecture and governance
  • Secure private cloud extension to internal closed networks and partner integration
  • Architecture guidance on non-intrusive protection of sensitive cloud elements
  • Secure virtualized storage strategy
  • Secure backup and recovery roadmap

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