Education Services include onsite education courses designed to help with the implementation, deployment and administration of systems geared towards secure multi-tenancy and compliant digital cloud.


“helping you get an edge on the modern market “

Quattra Inc. offers education courses geared towards our technology adoption, end-user training and system operation that are aligned to promote shared business, infrastructure and application services within your company.

Our company has gained credibility of being an information security and privacy solution provider capable of combining its unique know-how with professional expertise in order to satisfy the most complex data protection requirements. Quattra’s products are leading the IT security industry and are designed to help you achieve ultimate data protection across the boundaries of your business.


Enrollment in our education courses opens up a plenty of opportunities to learn the best practices of secure voice service, data tokenization, web and mobile traffic management, terminal device security, and new, more efficient ways to achieve corporate and regulatory compliance such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA or ISO/IEC and FEDRamp. Part of our training program, you will also obtain some supplementary skills of how to design, build and operate a secure private cloud to meet the needs of your shared services, call centers, customer care, payment processing and law enforcement support.

In addition, we offer specialized training on voice services optimization and information protection. We can tailor the classes to meet your specific needs.

Quattra Inc. offers consulting and training services that provide a cost-effective way to expand your product knowledge, validate your expertise and receive the following benefits:

  • Help your business stay on top of IT security and privacy trends and ideas
  • Obtain skills aligned with the real-world job market, to stimulate your career growth
  • Learn Quattra’s products first-hand from the engineers and other product experts
  • Pick the training format that matches your preferred learning style and schedule
  • Interact with other industry professionals to find answers to common problems

“recognizing your skills, knowledge and experience”

Information security professionals can differentiate themselves from their peers or competition, and gain market advantage and recognition from their management and colleagues by earning Quattra’s certification.

The demand for IT professionals is high, however the competition for jobs is intense. Individuals exposed to the profession at various levels, need to know what skills make them attractive to employers. Organizations look for ways to distinguish employees and candidates who have the solid foundation of skills needed for effective performance. Quattra’s certification program helps the IT industry make these distinctions by establishing a standard of competence in the field of cyber security, data privacy and secure cloud engineering.

Quattra’s certification has been designed to meet the demands of the dynamic technology landscape. Our clients and partners confirm the value of the certification that can validate an information security professional’s ability to bridge an array of risks within their environment.

Quattra’s products, solutions, and skill sets and to grow with the evolution of compliance standards and secure cloud technologies.

Quattra Inc. Certified Professional program has been prepared to distinguish individual accomplishments in the area of digital asset security and includes the following benefits:

  • New opportunities for career advancement
  • Recognition of your knowledge and skills
  • Validation of cross-product techniques in the area of enterprise security architecture
  • Higher average compensation compared with your non-certified colleagues
  • Insight into Quattra’s product beta features
  • Use of Quattra Inc. Certified Professional logo in your web and other electronic content

Cloud Alignment — best practices for strategic merging of environments to promote secure shared services
Audit Readiness — common advisories on regulatory certification and maintenance

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