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Leveraging Enterprise Architecture with the design principles of cloud computing and information security at the core, 
Quattra’s Architecture Services construct a blueprint for all major architectural disciplines specific to your corporate
business strategy.

Common technical design patterns and practices are customized to fulfill your needs. 
With the hands-on experience of engineering our own security platform deployed on an instance of our cloud framework, combined with an intimate understanding of industry best practices, we approach each engagement as a unique undertaking.

The domain of our architecture foundation embraces the following anchor tenants of service delivery execution: 
Strategy, Adoption, Solution and Education.

Our consistent approach supports the design of high-quality business solutions
 that demonstrate reliability, availability, serviceability and performance.

Our solutions deliver information security, 
customer privacy and regulatory compliance protecting your private data, brand reputation and preserving competitive advantage.

Quattra Inc. designs and develops an ecosystem that secures your most important corporate asset and enables on-demand delivery for all of your services.

Adoption Services embrace cloud technology design, delivery and application deployment focusing on data center virtualization, shared infrastructure utilization and business process optimization and continually aligned to the service provider industry best practices.


“reducing complexity and risk of IT infrastructure”

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a provision model in which an organizationoutsources the equipment used to support operations, including storage, servers and supporting hardware, as well as networking components. The service provider typically owns the equipment and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it. The client usually pays on a per-use basis.

Quattra’s Cloud Framework provides both technical design and delivery roadmap for the implementation of highly resilient cloud infrastructure in support of corporate strategies to reduce operational cost, streamline environment and client issue resolution process, and fulfill increasing service demand. In partnership with the leading cloud infrastructure providers,

Quattra Inc. will quickly design and implement highly secure, dedicated private cloud resident on-premise or in one of our data centers. Complete segregation of such environment from the rest of the computing network ensures a safe passage towards compliance certification against security standards.

IaaS designed in accordance with Quattra’s Cloud Framework provides a solid foundation for other layers of our cloud-computing model, which includes Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Characteristics and components of Quattra’s Cloud Framework – IaaS Module include:

  • Utility computing service and billing
  • Automation of administrative tasks
  • Network and security virtualization
  • Server and storage virtualization
  • Dynamic environment capacity scaling
  • Policy-based service provisioning
  • Network and server workload management
  • Non-disruptive server/storage migration


“dynamic allocation and scaling of IT platforms”

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a way to host or rent application containers, hardware, operating systems, storage and network capacity over any medium, including corporate network and the Internet. The service delivery model allows customers to utilize virtualized servers and associated services for running existing applications or developing and testing new ones.

PaaS is an outgrowth of Software as a Service (SaaS), a software distribution model in which hosted software applications are made available to customers over the Internet. PaaS has several advantages for developers: operating system features can be changed and upgraded frequently on-demand. Platform solutions built on Quattra’s Cloud Framework or similar blueprints allow diverse, geographically distributed teams to work together on software delivery projects throughout their lifecycle.

Services can be obtained from diverse sources that cross regional or international boundaries. Initial and ongoing costs can be reduced by the use of infrastructure services from a single internal cloud or from a single vendor (such as Quattra Inc.) rather than maintaining multiple hardware facilities that often perform duplicate functions or suffer from incompatibility problems. Overall expenses can also be minimized by unification of programming efforts on a standardized set of platforms.

Characteristics and components of Quattra’s Cloud Framework – PaaS Module include:

  • Application containers (enterprise middleware, messaging systems, distributed cache)
  • Relational database management systems, object storage, data reporting and analytics
  • Virtual runtime environments (Java virtual machine, common library runtime)
  • Operating systems, monitoring tools, security information and event management tools
  • Platform reliability, availability, serviceability, performance and scalability features
  • Out-of-the-box confidential information masking, tokenization and compliance


“secure delivery of modular software components”

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery method that provides access to software and its functions remotely as primarily a web-based service. SaaS removes the need for organizations to handle the installation, setup and operational upkeep and maintenance.

SaaS allows organizations to access business functionality at a cost typically less than paying for licensed applications since SaaS pricing is based on a monthly fee and access is based on any medium, any place, anytime philosophy. Also, because the software is hosted internally or remotely, users don’t need to invest in additional hardware or network transport. Proven design blueprints such as Quattra’s Cloud Framework facilitate SaaS model adoption while minimizing the risk of data loss or security breach.

SaaS is often used to describe software and combined storage model where an organization rents or leases storage space from a hosted environment or provider. Data is transferred from the client to the service provider via any medium and the client would then access their stored data using software provided by the storage provider. The software is used to perform common tasks related to storage, such as data backups and data transfers.

Quattra Inc. will deliver secure capacity to process and/or store your confidential information both on-premise or in a hosted private cloud.

Typical software deployed on Quattra’s Cloud Framework – SaaS Module includes:

  • Security services (authentication, entitlement, law enforcement, investigations, forensics)
  • Client engagement (wikis, blogs, enterprise portals, messaging, chat and multimedia)
  • Staff productivity (cloud based tools)
  • Business enablement (sales, marketing, customer care and support)
  • Enterprise applications (business and operations support systems)

All software services are locked down and protected to ensure low-risk operation and continuous regulatory compliance.


“real-time on-demand protection of critical assets”

In Protection on Demand model, data security services are made available to users upon request via the Internet or corporate environment, from a cloud computing provider’s servers as opposed to being offered from the company’s own on-premise physical server environment. Cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services, and are fully managed by a hosted service provider such as Quattra Inc.

A security service hosted on a Quattra’s Cloud Framework based environment instance can dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users, and because the service provider supplies the hardware and software necessary for the service, there is no need for the company to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate IT personnel to manage the service.

Examples of security service consumers include online data storage and backup solutions, web-based e-mail services, hosted office suites and document collaboration services, database processing, managed technical support services, billing systems and payment processing applications.

Data protection services can expand exponentially anytime, any place and over any medium. Quattra Inc. can host such services in one of its secure, state-of-the-art data centers across North America, Europe and Asia.

Examples of Protection On Demand services deployed on Quattra’s Cloud Framework are:

  • Telephony on-demand masking services
  • Storage on-demand services, such as secure file sharing with classified distributed access
  • Financial on-demand services, such as personal and commercial credit scoring and payments
  • Encryption on-demand services
  • Mobile on-demand content shaping services
  • Retail device on-demand gateway services

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