Gov’t Contracting—Federal/State/Local/Education

Quattra Inc. provides our Government and Education Clients the most up-to-date information needed to stay competitive in today’s innovative world. With technology playing a large role across a spectrum of issues from STEM education to trade, Quattra serves as a fierce advocate for the Managed Services industry at federal state, local, education and international levels. We work with our clients to identify study and prioritize the issues that are most critical and have the greatest impact.


Federal, State, Local, Governments – including educational institutions, both K-12 and Higher Education are increasingly using technology to better serve their constituents and stakeholders to deliver Managed Services.

By focusing on procurement and government contracting at the state and local level, Quattra Inc. can ensure that the needs of these key constituencies are served with the best possible environment for partnership and collaboration.


Quattra supports tech-neutral, transparent, and competitive purchasing practices and helps shape state procurement policy to best serve the community and provide state and local government SLED clients with the best quality products and Managed Services.

Quattra supports:

  • Increase collaboration and communication between the private sector and Federal, States, Education and Local Governments.
  • Provides solutions for acquisition and operation of applications, infrastructure, and solutions that encompass the entire government enterprise.
  • Provides and Streamlines the acquisition processes by introducing Finance as a Service (FaaS) to enable more rapid technology and solutions procurement by providing consumption models to effectively save monetary resources.
  • Appoint strong, visionary Information Technology Consultants, with authority to align technology assets, operations, and services across the enterprise.
  • Preserve the private sector role in deploying technologies and providing services to government agencies and their constituents.

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