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QUATTRA takes a AGILE & ITIL light, consumable and consistent improvements approach to application development by providing DevOps and TechOps expertise as well as the broader enterprise support capabilities required for successful deployment and ongoing support for these enterprise applications. Our application development and support service are governed/implemented under most common industry standard, such as ITIL, PCI, HIPPA, FedRAMP, NIST and more.

Organizations are still trying to find the magic bullet that speeds products to market, ensures predictable delivery and increases quality. While there is no magic bullet, many organizations are adopting Agile Development to improve their ability to reach organizational goals.

A successful transition from traditional software development methodologies such as Waterfall and Iterative to Agile is not easy. Even organizations that are in earlier stages of agile adoption can move forward more quickly and successfully by taking advantage of Agile Enterprise Transformation services.

Quattra enables the transition by providing a certified Program Consultant. Companies adopting these services can expect a significant increase in employee engagement, 30-50% faster time to market, 20-50% increase in productivity, and 50% reduction in defects.


Key Quattra Features

  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Coaching Services
  • Agile Resourcing Services
  • Agile Training Programs

These are the roadmap for Agile Enterprise Transformation Success,


As change agents, Quattra Agile experts bring transformation and help organizations to reach their full potential by embracing Agile adoption best practices, Agile values and Lean thinking.

  • Experience in several different transition methodologies
  • Experience leading several large-scale Agile transitions
  • Experience working with executives to lead organizational change as part of the Agile transformation
  • Experience with multiple Agile frameworks

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