Program Delivery

QUATTRA Remote System Administration (QRSA)


In addition to the monthly-managed service offerings, QUATTRA also provides a task-based service that enables Customers to fill gaps in delivery expertise. This allows Customers and customer IT teams to focus on services and projects that are more strategic to their business.

Typical Service Request projects include vendor management, restore from backup, server migration, A/D and/or Exchange migration, server consolidation, network device configuration, database design/migration, application installations, application development etc.


QUATTRA Virtual Staffing Solutions (QVSS)

In addition to Project Work Quattra also provides personal to work in your NOC or applications departments. These staff had all background checks and training necessary to handle 90 percent of the platforms out today. We can also be trained on your custom applications to assist with legacy applications uplifting or replacement.

The value created is the client does not have to invest in more personal on platforms that may not require a long-term employee. Our pricing on this service will surprise most clients starting as low as 3500.00 a month for a full time virtual employee.


Priority NOC Resoibse SLA Description
Critical 30 Min This is an EMERGENCY condition that significantly restricts the use of an application, system or network to perform any critical business function. This could mean that several departments of the client are impacted.
High 2 Hours The reported issue may severely restrict use of key devices in the network. This could mean that a single department is impacted but the overall network and servers are functioning.
Medium 4 Hours The reported issue may restrict theuse of one or more features of the system, but the business or financial impact is not severe.
Low 24 Hours The reported anomoly in the system does not subsequently restrict the use of one or more features of the product to perform necessary business functions.

Service Desk SLA

Source Service Desk Response SLA Description
Electronic 90% within 2 hours 90% of Service Desk issues are responded to within 2 hours based on average during the calendar month.
Phone 90% within 180 Seconds 90% of Service Desk issues are answered within 180 seconds based on an average during the calendar month.

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